the article “Obama’s Way,” the literary techniques Michael Lewis uses are a flashback,
first-person narrative, and much integration of quotes.

            Throughout the article, Lewis goes
back and forth explaining about Tyler Stark’s experience in Libya and former
president Barak Obama’s account of deciding what to do about Muammar Quaddafi
threatening to kill citizens in Benghazi. Lewis unfolding the event through flashbacks
is useful because it helps organize the long story, and provide detailed
information about what happened, and connects the events altogether. This makes
the readers interested in what would happen next and provides useful
information that readers should know about.

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            Lewis uses the first-person
narrative not only because he is the one who observed different scenes with
different people but also because it efficiently helps readers relate to the
author. A first-person narrative is straightforward since it is written in the
author’s clear perspective and allows the readers to imagine as if they were at
the scene and experience what the author experienced.

            Lewis integrates direct quotes from
people such as Stark, Stark’s parents, and a lot from former president Obama. This
is crucial because quotes allow readers to understand the different point of
views, tone, and gives context to information for them to comprehend. With
these devices, Lewis makes the long article compelling to read.


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