Aim: area of the guitar body without actually measuring

Aim: My
IA focuses mainly on, mathematics, guitars, and music theory and centers around
the following application:

–       What
if I was in a dump yard and found an acoustic guitar without strings or frets?

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–       How
would I calculate the area of the guitar body without actually measuring it






tempered scale is basically a common musical scale which is used for tuning
musical instruments such as guitars and pianos. This system divides an octave into
12 semitones of equal sizes or intervals. Equal temperament was discovered from
the search for an interval that would preserve the ratio 3:2 i.e. perfect
fifth. This particular ratio was introduced by Pythagoras in his theory of
Pythagorean tuning which states that “In a system of musical tuning the
frequency ratios of all intervals are based on the ratio 3:2”. (Schulter) This ratio which
is known as the perfect fifth was chosen as it is one of the easiest to tune by
the ear. The equations that are considered for why the perfect fifth i.e. 3:2
was chosen for tuning a guitar are as follows:


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