Psychologists’ avenues of nursing including medical surgical, Orthopedics surgery,

suggest that individuals contemplating about a career choice are to revisit the
activities that pleasured them during the childhood years. My decision to join
the medical arena and become a nurse was founded on a life experience. The
ambition was invigorated when my dad suffered a cerebral vascular accident in
the year of 2007.  Taking care of my
father throughout the years of treatments and recovery gave me an opportunity
to experience how nurses interact with patients; their caring and supportive
demeanor attracted me into the profession. The close interaction with the
nurses and other staff in the medical field propelled me to pursue career in
nursing. My choice for joining the nursing profession was to help patients like
my father who required broad medical attention as well as methodical personal
care, which I knew I was good at offering.

            There is a wide pool of inspiration that drives my
passion in the nursing profession. Prior to becoming a nurse, I was aware that
life was a long journey filled with fascinating discoveries in biology and chemistry.
Curiosity in sciences drove my ambition to pursue biochemist in my in college.  However, my journey in the nursing career
began by signing up for the volunteer services in the local city health center
while attending senior year in college. Working in a very diverse environment
allowed me to interact with patients, physicians, families as well as medical
interdisciplinary staff in an efficient and effective manner. Volunteering in
the center was a rewarding and fulfilling experience that presented me a chance
to serve my community, interact with new people over and above as well as
realizing my calling into medical arena. Immediately
after completing my college studies and graduating with a nursing degree, I
held a staff position at occupational unit as a resident nurse. During this
period, I have had the privilege to work in different areas of specialization
including occupational and industrial health, hearing conservation, and
ergonomics. In addition, recent years I was able to explore various avenues of
nursing including medical surgical, Orthopedics surgery, and trauma via travel
nursing.  Six years of daily interaction
with patients have exposed me to the experience of adversities and allowed me
to practice core nursing values such as human dignity, veracity, humanity, and
benevolence. It also contributed towards making me a better nurse with up to
date clinical knowledge and patient care skills to succeed in the evolving

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Literature definitions of the
metaparadigm of nursing

Jean Watson nursing theory sought to explain the
rationale for nursing which is caring by rising the need to develop a
relationship with the patient. Despite being developed for
individuals, Watson’s theory is proposed as a nursing framework that is
philosophically congruent with contemporary global approaches to community
health and health promotion. An overview of her theory identifies the
centrality of caring, holism, and ecology in the theory as it has evolved over
the past few decades (Falk R. 23(2):34-49). 
Henderson, on the other hand, acknowledged the need for enhancing patient’s
independence as a strategy to fasten their progress. In the meta-paradigm of
nursing, four central concepts are discussed by the theories and include
nursing, people, health, and environment.


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