Resulting Avis Manifesto’ is a pre-eminent example of the

Resulting in enormous profits for car rental
company Avis, the “We Try Harder” ad campaign inaugurated in the early 1960s
was revolutionary, deviating from the expected advertising techniques of the
era, all whilst being presented to the audience with the typical structure for
a print advertisement. The advertisement ‘The
Avis Manifesto’ is a pre-eminent example of the embodiment of the
campaign’s surprising contention, that is, that taking second place in an arena
largely dominated by another company is reason and motivation to provide
unsurpassable quality of service to customers. In order to reinforce this
contention, the text utilizes diction and syntax within the copy, as well as
symbols within visual elements, and n finally, the anti-advertising technique
by acknowledging brand limitations. The former two devices are familiar
conventions of print advertisements, while the latter advertising technique is
unorthodox within the genre of text.

the advertisement, creators of the text have employed copy extensively, aided
by the use of particular diction, idioms and syntax. This copy is reflective of
the text’s ethnocentric compositional context, as well as the sense of
collectivism consistently aired within the text. For instance, idioms such as
‘playing second fiddle’ are suggestive of Avis’s struggle in the car rental
industry, while the accounting and finance idiom ‘out of the red and into the
black’ suggests company growth, and increasing dependability, as it casually informs
the reader that Avis in no longer in debt or making losses, but rather, they
are now making profits. As a whole, the use of idioms further express familiarity
towards the target audience, implicitly saying that Avis as a company is
friendly and reliable. Diction such as ‘manifesto’, ‘doctrine’ and ‘struggle’
all symbolize hardship, and the positive attitude of the whole company and its
employees towards their customers. The use of quotation marks when stating the
‘No.1’ and ‘No.2’ attitudes as well as the exclamation mark at the conclusion
of the text is used to create a running narrative, akin to a political speech,
reinforced by the text’s mood of inspiration. A prominent feature of print
advertisements, copy is used in order to tell the story of the text, and is the
most suitable means for readers to ascertain the contention of the text, and
thus be persuaded to seek the services of Avis.

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