21 August

Introduction basis (Lavy and Shohet, 2007). Five processes have

Introduction   Services in healthcare can be divided into two parts: core services and support services. The core services include medical services, care and cure services, while support services include corporate and facility management services. The provision of FM and other non-core activities to healthcare organisations has been growing gradually, as has its impact on […]

21 August

ETHNO members of plants groups used medicinally by aboriginals.

ETHNO MEDICINAL IMPORTANCE OF SOME PTRRIDOPHYTES OF GUJARAT REGION. Dr.Kalpesh J. Bhatt Biology Department Pramukh Swami Science & H.D.Patel Arts College, Kadi. (N.G.) 382715 [email protected]   Abstract:- Pteridophytes (ferns and fern allies) by virtue of their possessing great variety and fascinating foliage have drawn the attention and admiration of horticulturists and plant lovers for centuries. […]

21 August

2.1 consists of 238 licenses, and it is clearly

2.1 Planning policy governs in the property development process in Sarawak. State Planning Authority (SPA) is the party who will make decision on any system of development planning in Sarawak. Beside that, Local Authority has the responsible to issue the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (Occupation permit) as an approval to the occupational of certain building […]

21 August

The defined what sort of relationship it wants with

The most significant event in Europe since the fall of Berlin Wall (1989), which will change Europe as we have known it for years, was voting by the British People to leave the European Union also known as BREXIT. United Kingdom joined European Union in 1973, and it gave European Economic Community, the legitimacy of […]

21 August

“Reality did make my life just a little easier:

“Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.” For most, this quote may not be true, but for me, this quote seems to describe my life perfectly. In my family, it was totally normal for your dreams to become a reality, in fact, because of this we don’t really believe in a set reality. Ever since […]

21 August

Reading has their own personal even before going to

 Reading Log 12/23- Pages 5- 15  In this section the main character Susie Salmon is introduced along with Mr. Harvey, another main character. The section tells all about her murder. It began with her taking a shortcut home after school through a cornfield. Mr. Harvey, who had been planning the murder, asks her if she […]

21 August

CULTURAL the least. I chose CHINESE in diverse population

CULTURAL DIVERSITY                                   29th January 2018 Module: 1.1 A Communication By: Crissy Jane C. Ponce   INTRODUCTION Auckland is New Zealand’s most crowded city and it is known for having a huge multicultural mix, with the biggest Polynesian population in the world. The amount of Asians and other non-European immigrants has been increased throughout the last […]

21 August

Smart of their properties. Then we will figure it

Smart materials in manufacturingMaterials technology has had very important effect on the human evolution that historians have characterized periods in that evolution by such terms as the stone age the bronze age and the Iron age synthetic materials age and smart materials age.Smart materials are those materials that respond to external factors like changing condition […]


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