15 September

Avery Gouges was born known as Marie Gouze, and

Avery SmithMs. StewartWorld History5 January 2018Olympe de Gouges”Woman is born free and lives equal to man in her rights. Social distinctions can be based only on the common utility” (Olympe). Purpose: to learn more about Olympe de Gouges and her impact on Women’s rights. Marie-Olympe de Gouges was the greatest enlightenment thinker because her effort […]

15 September

Have to your preferences. Not only it’ll help you

Have you ever heard of the term bloatware? In layman’s term, bloatware is a preloaded application that’s already installed on your smartphone. All of the smartphones in the market has this application. If you’re using an LG G7, your phone is not an exception.The cool thing is that you can add new pages on the […]

15 September

with amount of time to measure the entire spectrum

with fairly low concentrations, and measuring samples at the absorption maxima of the species spectra.The importance of reference cell samples makes double-beam spectrophotometers commonplace, and even are necessary for certain applications, even though detector drift is an increasingly lesser source of error with improved instrumentation and other technological advances. Another improvement for spectral analysis of […]

15 September

BYOD, security risk that every company would look to

BYOD, which stands for bring your own device, is the practise where companies and organisations are allowing their employees to bring in and use their own devices for work purposes. Employees could bring into the workplace devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and USB drives when working at a place that supports this model. 1One […]

15 September

Application manufacturing industry are , , and . The

Application of Process Capability Indices to Measure Performance of Manufacturing Process   Kwek Yan Ping Faculty Applied Science and Technology, University Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia, Malaysia   [email protected] Abstract The process capability indices (PCIs) are used to evaluate and monitor the process of manufacturing industry. The PCIs that used in the manufacturing industry are , […]

15 September

Research 750,000 art works and portraits were stolen by

Research Paper: The stolen Art during World War ? by Luisa Walter Thesis: The election of the NSDAP and Hitler to Germany’s chancellor caused the destruction and robbery of famous art pieces and national monuments.   ?.Stolen Art During world war ?over 750,000 art works and portraits were stolen by Nazis from their rightful owners […]

15 September

Many in the world as well as the population

Many problems in Africa are caused by the fact that it has the highest population growth. Since 1960, the population has doubled, and African countries have been ranked top regarding the fertility rate in the world as well as the population growth (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2012). Additionally, African countries are faced […]

15 September

Network 1. Purpose. 3 2. Scope. 3 3. Policy.

    Network configuration policy             Standart: ISO/IEC 27002 Authors: L. Jonikas, R. Garnys, A. Kazlauskas, R. Lazauskas Organisation: The Best Education Inc. Version: 1.0 Date:  22.01.2018                                 Contents   1. Purpose. 3 2. Scope. […]

15 September

Tilt over your Raspberry Pi. The HAT and its

Tilt HAT gives you a chance to mount and control one of our skillet tilt modules ideal over your Raspberry Pi. The HAT and its on-board microcontroller let you autonomously drive the two servos (skillet and tilt), and in addition driving up to 24 general LED (with PWM control) or NeoPixel RGB (or RGBW) LEDs. […]

15 September

Justification individuals often respond with is skepticism. Though the

Justification When presented with new information the natural reaction individuals often respond with is skepticism. Though the source of this skepticism is unclear, most attribute it to natural evolution or conditioning by academic institutions. Pinpointing this behavior to one specific origin is impossible, various factors motivate people to question new information, whether it be the […]


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