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When in love both members of the relationship should enjoy giving attention and caring about each other. Love is a deep feeling of affection, love is sacrifice and I believe hamlet does not show love to Ophelia throughout William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. When I think of Hamlet’s relationship with Ophelia I associate it with her being used for Hamlet’s personal gain. Ophelia to Hamlet is simply just a pawn. Also, throughout the play hamlet lashes out his anger at Ophelia. Whenever Hamlet seems to be mad he channels his anger into Ophelia and this isn’t something you do to someone you love. Love is a very special emotion and I can not see my mind associating this emotion with the type of relationship Ophelia and Hamlet possess. Ophelia is Hamlet’s pawn throughout multiple instances in the play. Especially when Hamlet shuns Ophelia so the King and Polonius trust him. Hamlet shuts Ophelia out when doing this and has to act like he doesn’t love her but it is not an act. If Hamlet really did love Ophelia he would make sacrifices for her, while showing unconditional love towards her. Instead, it is obvious he doesn’t love her because in what instance of love does a man cause the one he supposedly loves to take her own life. Ophelia believes she is in love with hamlet but I think she just has a strong attraction towards him. The emotion of love requires two people to have mutual feelings for each other, one should not be left having unrequited love. Hamlet when compared to our world today can be seen as a “gold digger” but rather than feeding off money and material possessions. He feeds off of Ophelia’s emotions which I believe is worse and will corrupt anyone, like it did to Ophelia.Hamlet channels his emotions of anger and hatred towards Ophelia multiple times throughout the play. This can be seen as very cold and not an action that one’s lover would partake in. I do not believe love involves being selfish and Hamlet proves to be a notoriously selfish character. Hamlet shows no love for Ophelia when he lashes out and yells at her in the scene where Claudius and Polonius are spying on their conversation. He constantly talks about himself and blames Ophelia for all of his issues. Hamlet does not know how to deal with his emotions and he uses Ophelia as an escape route and does not consider how she feels once during the play. Throughout the play, I have noticed a spectrum, Hamlet is on the far left side of the spectrum where one only cares for themself and Ophelia is on the far right side of the spectrum, solely caring for other people. Ophelia only caring for Hamlet in the end is her downfall which causes her to kill herself. She invested all of her emotions in him and when her love is unrequited she can not bear the pain physically and emotionally. Hamlet perfectly shows us how complicated love can be. Hamlet shows us how one can use another’s love to manipulate and strategize. Ophelia shows us how one’s unrequited love can lead to sorrow and deep agony. Love is affection and in this play Hamlet shows hostility to Ophelia. Love is supposed to be met at the middle and have sacrifice for one another but Hamlet and Ophelia are sitting at two opposite ends. Love is about gaining knowledge from one another but Hamlet only gains from Ophelia. Hamlet abuses Ophelia’s strong love for himself throughout the play and she lets him. Love is strong and Hamlet and Ophelia are weak.


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